Alorréon citizen native to the city of Tirliede, DeReunic was raised on the streets but blessed with a mysterious patronage that provided for his education and martial training. DeReunic is famous for his swordsmanship, being one of the greatest swordsmen of his day and having been a tutor at the School de Sebasti for many years. He was also an agent of the Ridaviche Azagne, the Archduke de Etallios

In 2185, DeReunic became the co-owner of a very successful restaurant, foiled a plot by the Archcardinal to discredit the Alacanist faith, manipulated Dàn Éceule Vier (the name for the local organized crime syndicate), rescued the Emperor himself from an assassination attempt made by his younger brother the Grand Prince, and masterminded the destruction of a coven of necromancers, led by Thaltoler Trenschen, the Duke of Erlosche. 

As a reward for his service to the Empire, Denreulle X made DeReunic a member of the Imperial Order of the Knights of the Sceptre. The Archduke, meanwhile, blessed DeReunic with a considerable cash sum in reward for his efforts, and DeReunic invested this sum into The Quinticentennial Inn and in funding the secret school he has established to train his army of street punks.

Upon being knighted, DeReunic began to worship Alakanism openly, and campaigned, along with his patron the Archduke, for the legalization of Alakanism in Alorré. The eventual result in this and DeReunic’s association with Vibaldóroló Tepisma, the Count gi’Bercanti, caused the Archcardinal to declare DeReunic a heretic and to be excommunicated in 2191.

DeReunic maintained a cursory contact with Dàn Éceule Vier, which gave him privileges in his territory accorded to a lagnore of Dàn Éceule Vier. This caused DeReunic no end of trouble when his aide, Aumaux the Snake, working for the Palkaran Holy Church, stole important and incriminating documents and sought sanctuary in Lerano’s Bistro. Shortly after his excommunication and exile from Tirliede, DeReunic was able to acquire the Orb of Fire from the demon Orlekos and use it to defeat the creature Zaern, which was stalking the city at the time.

In 2198, at the age of 38, DeReunic was wed, by order of Emperor Denreulle X, to the emperor’s eldest daughter, Eiloreme, who was all of 16 at the time. The wedding was one of political consolidation, for DeReunic was also named Field Marshall. The pair became good friends, and Eiloreme bore Atreudis a son, Bajome, in 2201. That year, Atreudis’ brother-in-law, Emperor Ébierre IV, made him the Duke jes Orland.

DeReunic was known by his contemporaries as being a clever if headstrong man, as well as being loyal and cynical. He was known at one time to have carried on an affair with Eiloreme Foccault, the daughter of the Archcardinal, though to what extent this affair lasted is unknown.

DeReunic’s memoirs provided the majority for the research of Grantham Elliard’s Tirliede historatories.