Elemontia Map - Hand Drawn2

Elemontia is the largest continent of the world Seolthus, a planet slightly larger than Earth with a lightly faster rotation. Elemontia is populated by a number of rich, diverse intelligent species and cultures including humans, hrothar (centaurs), thialtae (satyrs), mauroton (minotaurs), kreyd (trolls), rikeet (raccoon-men) and vianor (the fae).

Elemontia is divided into five primary geographical regions. The central core of Elemontia is the Alor River Valley, which is one of the cradles of civilization in the world—rolling fields and valleys, large regions of agriculture, great plains and lakes, and bordered to the far east by vast rolling plains and forests. The Alor River Valley civilizations are those which most resemble central and western European nations, settled by humans of the Kellenic cultural group. The north and northeastern portion of the continent is made of up rolling hills, mountains, fjords, deep valleys, and thick forests—essentially the home of slightly more primitive Filardik human cultures. The nations along the southern coastline of the Pilliastrin Sea, being warmer in climate and harsher in environment, are settled by the Neilish cultural nations as well as the Kabaqi nations. The south western coastline of Elemontia and the island nation of Tiren are fertile, green, and exotic, inhabited by the Vaergidi nations. The far westernmost coastline has the remnants of the ancient Abatim civilizations, while the northwestern plains and steppes house the Leszeki peoples. The southern coastlines are colonized by by the dark-skinned Tandish people known for their seafaring skills.