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Presented as both real-world articles about the world of Seolthus and the continent of Elemontia in particular as well as in-world articles written by inhabitants of Elemontia itself, this is intended to serve as a guide, primer, and encyclopedia of the homebrew fantasy world I have been developing for gaming and stories since the late '70s.

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Elemontia is the largest continent of the world Seolthus, a planet slightly larger than Earth with a lightly faster rotation. Elemontia is populated by a number of rich, diverse intelligent species and cultures. Elemontia is a realm of magic, mystery, warfare, intrigue, monsters, knights, wizards, glorious kingdoms, corrupt empires, cloaks and rapiers, and myth. Its history spans millennia. It is a land that has seen great hardship, turmoil, grandeur and glory. Elemontia has endured such tragedy and threat as the God-Demon Wars, the Age of the Forsaken, the Dailon and Kadung Wars, and the terror of the Dark Lord, Azhthor. It has seen the rise and fall of the Palandrin, Foenéan and Alorréon Empires, the enduring nation of Lemmorae and the passing of the noble Dailons. Elemontia is the setting for my writing, both past, present, and future, and as my writing evolves, so does Elemontia’s history. It is also the setting for various fantasy role playing scenarios that I have run over the years, in a variety of game systems, and much of its history and flavor has evolved as the result of these campaigns. Elemontia is a world of adventure.

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Elemontia Map - Hand Drawn2

Hand-drawn image of Elemontia showing nations and cities in 1360 R.P.

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