The hrothar, or centaurs, dwell on the plains of Elemontia, primarily in the open plains of Erlosche and Oetahr. Most resemble the centaurs of Greek mythology, with their lower halves being horses; some, however, are based on other hooved animals such as elk or moose; these are extremely rare. They possess a strong territorial sense and nomadic lifestyle similar to the cultures of Plains Indians of North America. Centaur tribes subsist in a hunter-gatherer fashion, generally following large herd animals such as bison, elk and iguanodon. They are generally feared and avoided.

Hrothar ranged in large tribes across the great plains of Seolthus, with large populations on the plains of Erlosche in Elemontia, where they were in conflict over possession of the land from the Erloschan and Oetahran settlers; Wilgall, Derinos and Zolestrya, where they maintained peaceful relations with the Leszeki populations; and the northern plains of Northern Kokindria, where they were at constant war against the Kuanduatua colonies on the southern coastal regions as well as the druthani populations to the west.