Also known as trolls, kreyd are large, brutish, barbaric humanoids with incredibly tough hides and great strength. Hostile, carnivorous, and stupid, they live throughout Elemontia, and are extremely sensitive to sunlight.  Trolls live primarily in mountainous and hilly regions, preferring caves and dark forested regions for their warrens. Those trolls that live in the north are extremely strong and large, with the adult bulls standing nearly 8’ tall. Primarily living solitary lives, kreyd will band together in small packs during the breeding season (usually a period of about a month in early spring). In lands inhabited by humans, kreyd can be found living under bridges or in craggy mountain passes, and it is said that it takes a lance blow delivered from a full charge on horseback to even stun one. It is said that they fear the sunlight, and that its touch turns them to stone, but this may be simple folklore; it is true, however, that they are primarily nocturnal.