The Valley of the Gods, a blast crater with a central mountain, named Mount Vinnath, created when the Alkar completed creating the Orbs of the Gods. Located in the Dragonspine Mountains north of Lontra, east of Iquenya, and west of Evalta. The only entrance into the valley by foot, to the north emptying into the foothills of the Dragonspine Mts. near Iquenya, was guarded by the mountain stronghold of Taralon, primary stronghold of the Paldeoneth Knights.

When the Orbs were created, the act of the God destroying their physical avatars resulted in an explosion of magical energy that created the valley surrounding Mount Vinnath. The area remained overly saturated with esotice for over two thousand years, and became a place of pilgrimage for members of the The Cunning seeking to become full masters of their magical arts—practitioners of the Mysteries who worked their arts in the magical mists of Palkaromae found their abilities heightened, changed, energized... the act was what defined whether a Clever One would be a mere hedge mage or a full sorcerer or even wizard. It was said that the esotice was so thick in Palkaromae that it was visible, acting like a quasi-luminescent fog.