Singular: thial. Also known as Satyrs. Second most common species of intelligent creatures on Seolthus, second only to humans. There are six different races of thialtae – the horse-like thiallo’pas, the deer-like thiallo’ves, the goat-like thiallo’tath, the bison-like thiallo’van, the antelope-like thiallo’rae, and the mountain goat-like thiallo’jath.

Thialtae are very social nomadic creatures, with great nations in the Kern, Wisen and Shellind forest regions as well as inhabiting many human nations. Incredibly long-lived and artistically minded, the thialtae are generally credited with being the first sentient race to develop a written language.

Throughout Seolthus there are many breeds of thialtae, each with their lower halves resembling assorted types of hoofed animals. The dominant breed of thialtae in Elemontia resemble goats, though many of the nobility bear a strong resemblance to horses, and many of the free-roaming nomadic thialtae tribes of the plains of Erlosche and Oetahr. Those around Escossa, Aquillia and Ravanti bear a striking resemblance to bison, and share similar cultural features with the mauroton. Those which bear resemblance to horned animals such as goats or antelope do possess similar horns.

The thialtae of the Kern and Wisen Forests maintained friendly relations with their human neighbors, and they always manage to live in peaceful co-existence with the human, rikeet and dailon nations. Gregarious and innovative, the thialtae nations revered and respected nature in addition to invention and mechanics, and their cities were marvelous blends of artistic, organic and baroque technology.