Plural - urthaki Also known as ogres. Urthak are a race of large, hairy, bipedal humanoids bred by Azhthor to serve as his primary infantry forces, appearing first in the later decades of the 14th century. When Azhthor was destroyed in 1585, the urthaki fell into disarray, having no leaders and no true culture of their own. Those who weren't immediately wiped out were dispersed into nomadic tribes vying for territorial control in the sparsely populated wildernesses of Elemontia.

For centuries afterwards, the urthaki tribes operated primarily as bandits, raiding small, defenseless frontier settlements, caravans, and the like. Occasionally their populations would swell large enough that they would pose legitimate threats against the Alorréon Empire and were quickly put down by the Empire's military forces.

In the late 22nd centuries, the urthaki tribes began raiding the fringes of the Alorréon Empire's tributary nations in a much more precise and military fashion similar to the campaigns waged by Azhthor.